PREVENTION HEALTH SCREENINGS Data Management Solutions Inc has been providing customer service to me since 2010. They do a great job of understanding our business and customer needs so that they can provide great “backend support” for us while we are in the field. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Kevin S. Felmlee, M.Ed
Prevention Health Screenings

    ONBRAND MANAGEMENT Our company worked with DMSI for several years and they were outstanding. Dependable, professional and detail-oriented. Rare commodities unfortunately in this day and age. Looking forward to working with them again!
    Chris Peterson
    Managing Partner & CEO
    Onbrand Management Inc
    Office: 727 498 8199
    Mobile: 202 744 7162

      IMPACT RICH LIFE When you work with Evie and Karen you get true partners in your business. They are efficient and customer focused. They go above and beyond, to track trends and bring solutions to your team when working on Customer Service. These solutions often contribute to increased customer service scores, increased guest counts and increased sales. They stay cool and calm under pressure. They are tops in their field!
      Dyanne Joyner
      Owner, Impact Rich Life

        SILVER DINER DEVELOPMENT The DMSI team exemplifies what it means to deliver on a top notch customer service experience. Their team’s ability to empathize with the Guest in whatever form of communication they choose (call, email, etc) through listening intently, and ultimately resolving the issue, is second to none. Over the many years that we have had the privilege to work with their team, we have had Guests ready to divorce us until the DMSI team became our final life line to get those Guests to come back to give us one more chance.
        Their persistence to listen, and to do whatever it takes to resolve the issue, has brought these Guests back, and has been a big contributor to our ability to achieve year-after-year sales growth. I personally appreciate their ability to cluster habitual issues into recommended actions that allows us to make quick and substantive improvement. These recommendations have helped us live our company mission of “Being The Best We Can Be”.
        Glenn D’Amore
        Executive Vice President of Operations
        Silver Diner Development

          AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL I think that you know how much I believe you are awesome at what you do. I have met no one that keeps better track of calls and activities than DMSI.
          Any small business that has a hectic pace of activities would benefit from adding your services to the mix…From calls being answered, messages being captured and tracked for follow-ups, appointments confirmed, follow-up calls to make sure all is well…all of those contacts can lead to more business.
          Please feel free to call me to talk about ways that DMSI can help your business grow.
          Ken Rapp
          Certified Financial Planner

            ACTION INTERNATIONAL Put my business and several of my client businesses in control of lead development, sales processes, and client enhancement with a couple of key strokes. High level of customization to suit your business.
            Ed Stevenson
            Certified Business Coach
            Action International

              BRANDSTAND GROUP, INC. BrandStand Group enjoys our working relationship with DMSI. We find their staff to be very professional and they are always available to answer our questions and help in any way that they can. It is great to work with a company that you can reach and talk to a live person.
              Susan Goodwin
              Account Executive
              BrandStand Group, Inc.

                MARKET REVELATIONS, INC. When people talk about Strategic Alliances, they are referring to two noncompeting businesses being of service to a common client. With DMSI, we’re walking that walk. By understanding and marrying our respective skills, we have been able to exceed expectations of several common clients.
                Lee Ann G. Anderson
                Market Revelations, Inc.

                  FIREBIRDS INTERNATIONAL DMSI is always there, always pleasant, always willing to figure out a way to make it happen!
                  Tyler Fray
                  Director of Marketing
                  Firebirds International

                    COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. As a small business owner, I should always be available to my clients during normal business hours. “Virtual Office” was a perfect solution. DMSI was able to answer basic questions, take messages, and if necessary, contact me immediately if there was a critical problem. I was able to check the daily report of client calls and contact my customers at a more-convenient hour. I will definitely use their services again.
                    Marilyn Zywiec
                    Computer Information Systems, Inc.