Sell gift cards or small merchandise on your website, and we’ll take care of processing, tracking, and mailing.  Market your product and let your website work for you, knowing that the fulfillment of your sale is covered.

With your own merchant account to process the payments, we will never have access to confidential credit card information.  We’ll take the order from there to handle fulfillment.

Using our customizable software, we are already set up to offer same-day processing and order-tracking accountability, providing you with regular reporting of all activity.

There are no percentages or hidden costs. We will negotiate a flat, per-item fee which is all inclusive, then recoverable to you through your shipping cost to the customer.

Fulfillment Processing At a Glance     Contact us for more details about gift cards and merchandise processing.

We worked for a company, fulfilling gift cards. DMSI was able to identify an in-house employee who stole Customers’ gift cards and replaced them with non-activated gift cards. Our independent database had proof of the original gift card purchases…the Employee was fired, and Manager was happy, and the Customers’ faith was restored.