CUSTOMER SERVICE  We worked with a restaurant company facing negative sales. By expanding their customer service with DMSI, they received tracking, customer response, trends, and reporting. This stimulated changes that contributed to positive company sales for the past four years.

DATA ENTRY We’ve entered thousands of records for State agencies, and we’ve assisted smaller businesses with that “200-person” list that just needs a digital format. Data entry is data entry…no job is too small.

EVENT REGISTRATION DMSI supported a company with registering individuals for health screenings, utilizing an online portal. We were able to increase the number of participants for this company by generating reports to see who, for a variety of reasons, missed their appointment, contacted those people, and set them up for a future screening.

LOYALTY SUPPORT Right before the threat of losing their business, DMSI assisted a retail company with a loyalty program. Even with a very elementary program, we were able to boost sales and get them back in the black.

MERCHANDISE FULFILLMENT We worked for a company, fulfilling gift cards. DMSI was able to identify an in-house employee who stole Customers’ gift cards and replaced them with non-activated gift cards. Our independent database had proof of the original gift card purchases…the Employee was fired, and Manager was happy, and the Customers’ faith was restored.

VIRTUAL¬†ASSISTANT One of our clients was vacationing in Hawaii. Because of the time change, they asked DMSI to answer their phones for the week that they were away. Fortunately for them, they received a daily report of activity and were able to enjoy their vacation, uninterrupted…Aloha!

SURVEY TABULATION As subcontractor to a large training company, DMSI provided this company the necessary, eleventh-hour, survey tabulation that salvaged a State Government contract.