Q: How long has the Corporation been in business?
A: DMSI has been providing services to client throughout the United States since 1990.

Q: What are the costs of your services?
A: DMSI provides quality services at very competitive rates. Price quotes are available for all projects, prior to signing any agreements. Utilizing DMSI is much more cost-effective than temporary agencies or increased permanent personnel costs.

Q: Why should I use DMSI rather than a Temporary Staffing Agency?
A: DMSI is interested in forming long-term relationships with other Companies, while keeping the fees lower than most temp agencies, and providing a number of a la carte services. All of our employees have a proven track record of reliability and personal integrity.

Q: What is your service area?
A: Remote access and electronic communication removes all barriers to location. Over the years, we have served Clients who are local to the Harrisburg area, as well as others across the United States.

Q: Are you insured?
A: DMSI is insured and bonded.

Q: How are you able to provide Customer Service for other businesses?
A: DMSI provides Customer Service anonymously ‘behind the scenes’ in order to promote your business name on the phone, in correspondence, or via the web. We strive to learn your business and respond to your customers in accordance with your business rules. We are able to answer questions, schedule appointments, distribute materials, and meet your customer needs in ways that you deem appropriate. Your clients view us as being from your company.

Q: Is my job too small?
A: We provide services that are customized to meet your short- or long-term needs. Single one-time-only jobs are no problem. Long-term projects are no problem. Annually reoccurring projects are welcome, as well.

Q: How does gift card fulfillment actually work?
A: You simply set your website merchant account to collect the card purchase, and then to direct online orders to us. We maintain an inventory of your gift card supplies. We process and mail the orders daily, M-F, and provide reports to you. Cost for our services can easily be recaptured by you in a shipping and handling fee that you pass on to your customers.

Q: Will you work from our Internet-based program?
A: With password access and instructions, we will enter, update, and/or delete records in your online programs. Keeping in mind that some web-based programs are not conducive to expedient data entry or manipulation, thus affecting the cost.

Q: How is data returned to me after the job has been completed?
A: DMSI will transfer data to you via regular mail, email attachment, or various online data-storage avenues. If paper forms were submitted for entry, we will either return them to you or securely destroy them. Confidentiality of all data is maintained in all cases.