Evie (eh-vee) started the Company a Sole Proprietor, in the early 90’s. As one of her first assignments, she was contracted by the American Red Cross to develop a computerized database to be used as a tracking/reporting system for a Statewide Initiative.

Karen, who was [then] working at the Red Cross, developed the specific procedures to be used for this same Initiative, and the combination of the two was later acquired by the Commonwealth of PA.

By the mid-90’s, Karen left the Red Cross, joined Evie, and Data Management Solutions Incorporated (DMSI) was born. Their Statewide model was not only used in Pennsylvania, but also in Washington DC, Idaho, Connecticut, and Alabama.

While growing DMSI, Evie and Karen made a point of hiring people who had been incarcerated in order to give them a fresh start. Single parents were also a frequent hire, providing all of them with any necessary training. Integrating these diverse people into their business model allowed Evie and Karen to build a loyal, professional organization.

Over the years, Evie and Karen developed the staff to be flexible, while assisting with managing their own work schedules, in order to avoid absenteeism and encourage collaboration.

More than 25 years later, they’re proud to say that DMSI has evolved into a tenacious support system for businesses, large and small, featuring a variety of services.