Customer Service With complete transparency to your client, we provide live customer service/guest relations for your business.  We learn your business rules and branding, then provide direct assistance to your clients.

Services can be tailored to meet your individual needs. A small sampling of routine incoming calls might include questions/assistance with:

  • Phone numbers/addresses of [your] business personnel
  • Hours of operation
  • Type of Service
  • Specific Service Issues
  • Database updates
  • Loyalty Club Issues
  • Scheduling Events

Our professional staff can provide information to callers, schedule services, solve problems, etc., in accordance with your business rules.

Ask us for references and/or contact us to discuss how we can support you with all your customer service needs.

We worked with a restaurant company facing negative sales. By expanding their customer service with DMSI, they received tracking, customer response, trends, and reporting. This stimulated changes that contributed to positive company sales for the past four years.